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Who we are and What we do

totdots™ was founded in 1999 by a stay-at-home mom with a background in jewelry design and a dad who was a graphic designer.  The designs were inspired by their children who enjoyed the clean, simple yet modern, kid-friendly graphic images. Their children loved the designs so much that the parents decided to design a business around the totdots™ friends.

In 2007, totdots™ decided to do something to become more socially responsible.  To show our commitment to the environment, totdots™ minimizes waste and uses as many recyclable materials wherever possible throughout our business.

Today, thanks to your patronage, you are supporting our community, a small business, and the families of stay-at-home parents.  And for that, we are truly grateful.

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News & Media

tot dots™ has been featured in various media outlets; movies, magazines and blogs.

tot dots picture hangers in a screenshot from the movie My Baby's Daddy Starring Eddie Griffin.

tot dots™ is in Hollywood.

tot dots™ picture hangers in a screenshot from the movie My Baby's Daddy Starring Eddie Griffin.


Chicago Parent Magazine Blog

Chicago Parent Magazine Blog

"tot dots™ offers a range of hip yet approachable animal characters on everything from drawer knobs to night lights to wall clocks to framed prints to complete layette sets and more. Cosmotot's pick is the fanciful drawer pulls that stand up to the toughest toddler hands that are way too specialized in less-than-gentle drawer opening and closing ... and drawer opening and closing some more."


Bay Area Mommy Blog

Bay Area Mommy Blog

"... And I ran across these super cute and eco-friendly hangers from tot dots™. I was thrilled to find out that tot dots™ is in a Bay Area company specializing in 'simple and modern baby and children clothing line and nursery products.'"


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Featured Magazines

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